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Kesmeşeker @ Londra Konseri

Kesmeşeker, 13 Nisan’da İngiltere Londra Half Moon – Putney sahnesinde!

Cenk Taner (vocal, guitar)
Cansun Küçüktürk (guitar)
Canay Cengen (bass guitar)
Gökhan Özcan (drum)

Kesmeşeker, founded in 1991, Kesmeşeker released eight studio albums featuring leading musicians in Istanbul. The band led by founder Cenk Taner, performed hundreds of gigs and have a devout fanbase. Kesmeşeker is considered to be the creators of the famous “Kadikoy Sound” which since inspired a number of musicians in the city. The relentless 26 year journey the band has recently been turned into a documentary.

“Kesmeseker is one of the most valuable legacies of The 90s have left us” 

Cumhuriyet ( National Turkish Newspaper )

www.kesmeserker.org ( Official Website )

https://twitter.com/kesmesekerorg?lang=en ( Twitter )

https://www.musicglue.com/half-moon-putney/events/13-apr-17-kesmeseker-half-moon–putney/ ( Musicglue )

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